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Northern Range

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Terms of Sale

Northern Range Cowboy Gear (NRCG) is committed to providing the finest and highest quality saddles and cowboy gear on the market today. Our commitment to quality also extends to the customer service we provide. This Terms of Sale agreement is to ensure that both parties of purchaser and manufacturer are protected. 

Orders can be made either in person or over the phone. At that time a fully descriptive order form will be drawn up. This order form is a binding contract between both the purchaser and NRCG. An agreed upon price will be written on said order form and is considered binding between both the purchaser and NRCG. With the exception of said work order being modified and agreed upon by both the purchaser and NRCG, no additional costs will added to this final price despite fluctuations in material and market prices or the hourly rate of NRCG. 

A non-refundable security deposit of at least one third the total price of your custom product is required. If said item is personalized with initials, brands, ect. one half the total price is required. This deposit must be paid before said item goes into work production. The purpose of this deposit is to secure the intent of the customer and is in no way to be considered by the customer to be a purchase or raw material from NRCG. The afore mention contract/work order shall be considered fulfilled with final payment and delivery of finished product. If full payment is not received within 60 days of completion of product, the afore mentioned deposit will be considered forfeit by the purchaser. 

Payments can be made with cash, money order, personal check, or Pay-pal. Product will not be shipped until final payment is received and clears NRCG's bank. Shipping cost are the sole responsibility of purchaser. Shipping times are approximate. 

All products are warrantied for both workmanship and materials. If alterations or repairs are needed said alterations or repairs will be made at the discretion of NRCG. If alterations or repairs are necessary said alteration or repairs will be made at the lowest possible cost to the customer. Returns will be carefully considered, and made at the discretion of NRCG, however all sales are final. 

Orders will be made and completed in the order they are received. Completion times are approximate and can be affected by the availability of raw materials.

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