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Providing Quality Gear

For the Cowboy & Horseman


 I offer many different patterns of chinks, chaps, and armitas, to compliment your own personal taste. Individually  working with our customers on what type of leather, color, size, style, and personal features that they may want is how you will get product that looks and feels the best. I work with many different leather suppliers to find the color, weight, and feel that you are looking for.

   There are a variety of belt choices available, everything from plain to basket or flower stamped and different colors. There are also options available for sewn on fringe, extra long fringe, buckstitching, pockets, etc. As you can see there is an endless array of possibilities that you can use to design your own unique pair. A standard pair of chinks or armitas comes with a front and back belt that buckles, six inch in-body fringe, color of your choice, and plain chap leather leg guards. Chap leather is readily available in earth tones as well as bright and flashy colors.

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